What are the advantages to joining?
(Why not join CSF, or another community service club?)

- Leadership Skills (One learns responsibility of deadlines and planning)

- More Service Event Opportunities (Usually 2-5 per month)

- Fall Rally - a spirit rally trip at Six Flags (requires >20 community service hours be done)

- Bond with the club members (and advisors) on a more personal level, with fall rally, DCMs, DCON, and other "together events."

- If in the IB program, the service events count for CAS hours. We have had Mrs. Johnson recognise everything from running waters to making newsletters and editing this site.

- Join both! You'll be able to be in both, but be active in KEY club. See you at the meetings!


Modesto Marathon Pre-Event: Runner's Expo, March 28th, 2015


  Exciting news here - I have member submitted articles for this!!! OMG! That has NEVER happened. Credit to the author as listed:



Lani Nariyoshi


Modesto Marathon Saturday Expo

        The Saturday Expo for the Modesto Marathon was one full of energy and excitement for the participants as they got their t-shirts to wear the following day. I was handing out orange t-shirts to the people doing the full marathon, 26.2 miles; as I handed them out to them, they each had a look of pride on their faces for their efforts. Those people were all of numerous ages, sizes and genders and were all excited as well as nervous. The volunteers from key club were all distributing orange, green, and yellow t-shirts to the participants of the 5K, half marathon, and full marathon participants with a smile on their faces, for me, I held a lot of respect for the people dedicating their time and effort to running the marathon.




Look out for some pictures also in your next newsletter!



Special Message from Your Webmaster....


It's a busy time of year. As a senior with IB and AP tests, I probably represent this the most, but we still have Kiwanis One Day, and other great service events left in store, including Kiwanis's well-sought after Pancake Breakfast, for which we traditionally make it a goal to sell two tickets per member! Let's finish the year strong, both academically and in Key Club terms.


We had a great year, with our collaboration with Mr. Chiavetta's Project Hope, and I know that a few Key Clubbers made it to WE Day! I think this will continue, as we are now part of the WE CREATE CHANGE movement.


And are you so bored you'd rather be listening to Japanese Pop music. I got you covered on that also. Click here.


Enjoy the break.


For the officers...


From three years of experience, I need to stress that OUR JOB IS NEVER OVER. Not even when we retire (hahahahahaha - I'm technically not even your Editor anymore).


We probably did get about 1800 visitors to this site in the three years that I have done this. Hopefully, your next Editor, Ellen Zheng, will be able to drive more attention to our website, as it always seem we don't have enough made on it for anyone to want to visit it regularly!


So, any ideas on how we could make this their full time hobby? If so, please contact us!


I'll miss everyone dearly, but hey, my little brother Eddie will be here soon anyway I guess.


It's been a great four years with everyone,

Alex Wiegman


*Why can't I stay with all you guys!!?*

Upcoming Events in April (Pertaining to Modesto High School Key Club)

Last quarter of the school year!!


Take a look at our new "Calendar" page for upcoming events. Updated every 2 weeks guaranteed (sometimes, even every week).

Sending Your Hours Electronically


1. Fill out this sheet with the necessary information.


2. Save as a pdf, peferably, but if not possible, just send a copy of the document as a .doc format.


3. Send to our secretary, Divinee, at divineechidume@yahoo.com. and also send a carbon-copy to Jan Jaeger, at jan_jaeger@sbcglobal.net.


4. That's all! Enjoy racking up those hours!

Scholarships for Seniors - the Key Club International version


1. Fill out this sheet with the necessary information.


2. Save as a pdf, and print it. Send it by courrier mail to the address on the first page (make you sure you send that page also).


3. Tell our adviser, Jan Jaeger, that you sen this document by contacting her at  jan_jaeger@sbcglobal.net.


4. That's all! Enjoy racking up grant money for college!

When are the meetings?

Our meetings are currently held every other Monday, during 4th and 5th lunches.


For 4th lunch - meetings held in Room 304 (Mr. Croooker)

For 5th lunch - meetings held in Room 47 (Mr. Heese)


(Both meetings are held on Main Campus, now!)

Get your lunch and come join us!


We have a few permanent "easter egg" surprises on our website, in honour of Wix allowing flash animations and in the interest of adding audiovisual material to our website.

However, these only operate on the desktop site, the mobile site seems not to know how to play these files. That's alright, though! I provide direct links to the files online also!

"Let's Celebrate our success this year at Banquet! It's at Modesto High this year, so bring $6 registration per person for you and friends and let's go have fun!"
- Upcoming Event, Said by Club President Nicole in 5th lunch meeting, 23 March 2015

From last year's Division Banquet. With Banquet coming soon, this is a perfect throwback to last year!


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If you could serve with friends, make a difference in others life, learn leadership skills, and STILL HAVE FUN what would you do?

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